Be My Guest

Thanks for stopping by. As a blog guest you have a choice of telling five secrets about your book, or answering five interview questions, and will send those along when the date is scheduled. I will additionally post cover pix, jpeg, bio, headshot, buy/social media links and blurb!

Additionally I have a Last Friday of the Month Recipe slot where I post a favorite recipe of yours, a pix of the dish, your blurb, pix, cover and links. 

NEW FEATURE:  Slotted when I can :) Author Spotlight: Aimed toward readers. Short and sweet, book must be released within the month of your post. 

If you'd like to request a spot please check the calendar below, use the contact form below the calendar, give me three dates and I'll get back to you.

Spice in the excerpts and the covers is okay, explicitness/erotic doesn't work for this blog, sorry. 

I Facebook the blog, Tweet it and am on Triberr, so the reach is great.  I'm finding fewer people comment, but the page views keep increasing so your visibility keeps growing.  I love the internet for this reason alone. Giveaways are not necessary, but if you'd like to offer one, just let me know it would be.

My only request is that you join the blog. The more the merrier and the greater visibility because of the metrics.

Thanks for your interest.

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